A Secret Weapon For best

not spoiled or tainted; edible; palatable: The meat was however superior following three months within the freezer.

come to no superior, to finish in failure or like a failure: Her jealous family members said that she would arrive at no very good.

Together with even further refining the usage of insulin, Best afterwards learned the vitamin choline along with the enzyme histaminase, which breaks down histamine.

a compartment or enclosure around a ship's pumps for making them very easily accessible and guard them from getting broken via the cargo.

Very good is typical being an adverb in informal speech, Particularly after sorts of do: He did excellent on the take a look at. She sees great along with her new glasses. This use does not arise in formal speech or edited writing, exactly where the adverb well is made use of alternatively: He did well about the check. She sees very well with her new Eyeglasses. The adjective excellent is conventional right after linking verbs like flavor, scent, glimpse, sense, be, and look: All the things tastes superior.

as best you can, in the best way achievable underneath the circumstances: We made an effort to clean in excess of the disagreement as best we could.

a deep enclosed Place inside of a building or in between structures that is certainly open up to the sky to permit mild and air to enter

moral or materials benefit or use; gain or profitfor The nice of our personnel; exactly what is the good of worrying?

Water or pressurized gasoline is usually pumped into a nonproducing oil properly to force petroleum methods outside of underground here reservoirs. See also artesian well.

Horse Racing. (on the floor of a monitor) drying after a rain in order to be nevertheless marginally sticky: This horse runs best on a great track.

all for the best, for the good as the final outcome; to an greatest edge: At the time it had been really hard to comprehend how it could be all for your best. Also for your best.

for getting the better of; defeat; beat: He easily bested his opponent in hand-to-hand combat. She bested me in the argument.

a hollow compartment, recessed space, or melancholy for holding a particular merchandise or goods, as fish in The underside of a ship or perhaps the retracted wheels of an airplane in flight.

A deep gap or shaft sunk in the Earth to tap a liquid or gaseous substance such as h2o, oil, gasoline, or brine. When the substance will not be beneath ample stress to move freely with the properly, it has to be pumped or raised mechanically into the floor.

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